Film Credits:

Title Year Role Info
Game Night 2018 as: Max More Info
Office Christmas Party 2016 as: Josh Parker More Info
Central Intelligence 2016 as: Trevor More Info
 Zootopia (voice) 2016 as: Nick Wilde More Info
 The Family Fang 2015 as: Baxter Fang More Info
 The Gift 2015 as: Simon More Info
Horrible Bosses 2 2014 as: Nick Hendricks More Info
This Is Where I Leave You 2014 as: Judd Altman More Info
The Longest Week 2014 as: Conrad Valmont More Info
Bad Words 2013 as: Guy Trilby More Info
Identity Thief 2013 as: Sandy Patterson More Info
Disconnect 2012 as: Rich Boyd More Info
Hit and Run 2012 as: Keith Yert More Info
The Change-Up 2011 as: Dave Lockwood More Info
Horrible Bosses 2011 as: Nick Hendricks More Info
Paul 2011 as: Agent Zoil More Info
The Switch 2010 as: Wally Mars More Info
Couples Retreat 2009 as: Jason Smith More Info
The Invention of Lying 2009 as: Doctor More Info
Up In The Air 2009 as: Craig Gregory More Info
Extract 2009 as: Joel More Info
State of Play 2009 as: Dominic Foy More Info
Hancock 2008 as: Ray More Info
Forgetting Sarah Marshall 2008 as: Animal Instincts Detective More Info
The Promotion 2008 as: Retreat Leader More Info
Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium 2007 as: Henry Watson, The Mutant More Info
Juno 2007 as: Mark Loring More Info
The Kingdom 2007 as: Adam Leavitt More Info
The Ex 2006 as: Chip Sanders More Info
Smokin’ Aces 2006 as: Rupert ‘Rip’ Reed More Info
Arthur and the Invisibles (voice) 2006 as: Darkos More Info
The Break-Up 2006 as: Riggleman More Info
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story 2004 as: Pepper Brooks More Info
Starsky & Hutch 2004 as: Kevin More Info
Sol Goode 2003 as: Spider More Info
One Way Out 2002 as: John Farrow More Info
The Sweetest Thing 2002 as: Roger Donahue More Info
Love Stinks 1999 as: Jesse Travis More Info
Breaking the Rules 1992 as: Phil Stepler More Info
Necessary Roughness 1991 as: Jarvis Edison More Info
Teen Wolf Too 1987 as: Todd Howard More Info

Short Credits:

Title Year Role Info
Support the Strike! 2013 as: Jason Bateman More Info
Surviving a Horrible Boss 2011 as: Nick More Info
My Least Favorite Career 2011 as: Nick More Info

TV Credits:

Title Year Role Info
Ozark 2017 as: Marty Byrde More Info
Nobodies 2017 as: Jason Bateman More Info
The Muppets. 2015 as: Jason Bateman More Info
Growing Up Fisher 2014 as: Narrator More Info
Arrested Development 2003-06, 13 as: Michael Bluth More Info
Sit Down Shut Up 2009 as: Larry Littlejunk More Info
The Jake Effect 2006 as: Jake Galvin More Info
Scrubs 2006 as: Mr. Sutton More Info
The Fairly OddParents (voice) 2005 as: Tommy More Info
Justice League  (voice) 2005 as: Hermes More Info
King of the Hill (voice) 2005 as: Dr. Leslie More Info
The Twilight Zone 2003 as: Scott Crane More Info
Some of My Best Friends 2001 as: Warren Fairbanks More Info
Rude Awakening 2000 as: Ryan More Info
George & Leo 1997-98 as: Ted Stoody More Info
Chicago Sons 1997 as: Harry Kulchak More Info
Ned and Stacey 1996 as: Bobby Van Lowe More Info
Simon 1995-96 as: Carl Himple More Info
Burke’s Law 1995 as: Jason Ripley More Info
Hart to Hart: Secrets of the Hart (movie) 1995 as: Stuart Morris More Info
This Can’t Be Love (movie) 1994 as: Grant More Info
Confessions: Two Faces of Evil (movie) 1994 as: Bill Motorshed More Info
Black Sheep (movie) 1994 as: Jonathan Kelley More Info
A Taste For Killing (movie) 1992 as: Blaine Stockard III More Info
Valerie 1986-91 as: David Hogan More Info
Crossing the Mob (movie) 1988 as: Philly More Info
Our House 1988 as: Brian Gill More Info
Moving Target (movie) 1988 as: Toby Kellogg More Info
Bates Motel (movie) 1987 as: Tony Scotti More Info
Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color 1986 as: Steve Tilby More Info
St. Elsewhere 1986 as: Tim Moynihan More Info
Can You Feel Me Dancing? (movie) 1986 as: Larry Nichols More Info
Mr. Belvedere 1986 as: Sean More Info
Right to Kill? (movie) 1985 as: ???? More Info
It’s Your Move 1984-85 as: Matthew Burton More Info
Robert Kennedy & His Times (mini-series) 1985 as: Joe Kennedy III More Info
Knight Rider 1984 as: Doug Wainwright More Info
Silver Spoons 1982-84 as: Derek Taylor More Info
The Fantastic World of D.C. Collins (movie) 1984 as: Addison Cromwell More Info
Just a Little More Love (movie) 1983 as: ???? More Info
Little House on the Prairie 1981-82 as: James Cooper Ingalls More Info